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Our Products

At BMT SMART, we’re dedicated to delivering solutions for better, safer, faster and more efficient fleet performance management.

We offer a comprehensive suite of products and associated support modules to help you optimise and manage vessel performance, as well as validate and benchmark results.

We can help you access the information in a number of ways, both on-board and on-shore, and create views based on your requirements - by vessel or fleet; for charterers, owners or manufacturers; in real-time or by reviewing data over a historical period.


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    Managed Fleet Performance

    BMT SMART is unique in offering a managed service approach to FPM.

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  • SMART Fleet


    Real-time monitoring and dynamic dashboards help you make informed decisions and see the impact of any changes.

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    SMART NOON uses the vast majority of the functionality within SMART FLEET to give users of the system an insight into vessel performance.

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  • SMART MOBILE preview


    The mobile webpage presents three views to the users, Fleet, Vessel and Maintenance.

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    Dashboard-style management displays deliver a high-level overview of fleet and vessel performance, plus the ability to drill down into in-depth analysis features.

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  • SMART ACCESS log in


    Offers improved visibility of fleet and vessel performance at a glance. Quickly identify where vessels are and how they are operating using SMARTACCESS online, anywhere.

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  • Metocean Data

    Metocean Data

    Using a combination of both hindcast model data and satellite measurements of wind, wave and water level data we provide detailed information on Metocean conditions worldwide.

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