Our Vessel data acquisition solution is a modular system, providing the flexibility needed to meet each individual vessels demands.

We work with ship owners and operators to interpret the data collected on-board using our high value Metocean data to determine true underlying performance. Either by analysing real-time data or assessing historical data, helping them to transform complex information into actionable insights so they can enhance efficiency - and profitability.

Measure, manage, analyse, act:

It all starts with measuring. Data from vessel systems is collected on-board and integrated within all BMT SMART solutions. This information is then combined with external environmental data - wind, waves, current - and further processed using our unique algorithms to analyse many difference performance parameters. Our system automatically monitors vessel performance and visualises key indicators and trends using intuitive, interlinked on-board and on-shore applications.


The Hardware Solution:

The BMT SMARTVESSEL data acquisition solution is a modular system, providing the flexibility needed to meet each individual vessels demands. This system can collect data from analogue and serial feeds, converting the sensor signals and transferring them onto the BMT SMART on-board  PC.

The modular nature of the solution means that the BMT SMART solution can provide a reliable platform for each individual installation, from the basic through to the most complex, with the ability to scale the hardware depending on the number of sensor inputs.

The components of the hardware are all individually marine approved, making it fully future proofed.

 Data Acquisition


Installation Process:

Using our world wide team of highly trained service agents, your installation can be done in a local port. The installation will take between 2 to 4 days, depending on the complexity of each individual case.

The BMT PC collects data from an Analogue interface unit, installed in the engine room, and an NMEA serial interface taking feeds from the Bridge. The parameters and KPI’s are  all displayed graphically on a 15” touchscreen monitor available as flush or panel mount. 

The data  sent ashore is checked on a daily basis, by BMT SMART, for any anomalies or signs of sensor problems.


Maintenance and Servicing:

Our  worldwide team of fully trained service agents will be on hand to provide maintenance to any vessel, wherever they may be. This provides fast detection and rectification of any problems, ensuring the quality and  reliability of data provided by the BMT SMART system.

BMT SMART hardware can also be removed and transferred to any other vessel in your fleet by our fully trained service agents, making it  an excellent long term investment.

All of our hardware has a ten year parts availability and comes with a 12  month warranty as standard. BMT SMART hardware is approved by all major classification societies.