Offering improved visibility of vessel performance at a glance. Quickly identify vessel location and operating efficiency online.

SMARTACCESS provides on-shore operational staff access to both vessel and fleet data instantly, anywhere in the world making full use of BMT’s extensive database of Metocean data.

This allows a user to interrogate the raw data feeds received from a vessel against the actually operating conditions, leading to detailed investigation into performance changes and operational variations.

Data coverage for all sensors, Metocean and parametric filtering, performance coefficients as well as reporting functionality exists to provide detailed analysis of a vessels current and historic voyages.

Voyage based reports as well as charter party reports allow a user to investigate voyage performance including consumption, emissions and vessel speed as well as voyage charter party compliance.

Noon aggregated values are tabulated to provide comparative values to traditional noon reports as well as route and track comparisons. Charter party reports use Metocean data to ensure only appropriate charter party inclusive conditions are incorporated.

Performance coefficients for Hull, Propeller, Engine, Power and Fuel highlight the efficiency of the key vessel parameters.

Vessel performance analysis including data trending, filtering, data exclusions and multiple analysis periods provide the perfect tool to assess performance degradation between major maintenance events. 


  • Noon Reporting

    Noon Reporting

    Semi-automated noon-reporting module provides visibility of vessel data modelled with Metocean data for management and review.  

  • Charter Party Manager

    Charter Party Manager

    Gives a dashboard voyage overview of charter part performance according to speed and fuel consumption.  

  • Performance Manager

    Performance Manager

    This module enables the on-shore monitoring, management and analysis of a vessel's fuel consumption and power, tracked against its voyage speed, making it easy for you to determine overall vessel efficiency.    

  • Maintenance Manage

    Maintenance Manager

    Uses trends from hull, propeller and engine performance data to predict when preventative maintenance is required, if there are any noticeable changes to performance that demand corrective action, or to compare maintenance strategies across vessels.