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Uses the vast majority of the functionality within SMARTFLEET to give users of the system an insight into vessel performance.

SMARTNOON uses Noon Reports data to track vessel efficiency, adding valuable insight without the overhead of on-vessel installations, additional sensors on-board or changes to operational behaviour.

Product Summary

SMART VESSEL gathers data directly from ship sensors to provide a complete picture of vessel performance, whereas SMART NOON takes a narrower range of data, generating reports and graphs allowing for broader analysis of performance trends.

Whilst no Noon-based analysis will be as accurate as one derived from sensor readings, much of BMT SMART’s technology and research can accurately analyse Noon data, showing fleet managers, technical superintendents and operational staff the high-level status of their vessels across the world.

SMART NOON does this by using data gathered from AIS providers to spread the noon report data over the duration of a voyage. As with all BMT SMART products, our integration of Metocean data into vessel performance gives a complete picture of vessel performance, accurately stating the impact of wind, waves and currents on fuel consumption.

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Vessel Fuel efficiency KPI- The fuel coefficient has similar features and characteristics to the power coefficient, but represents the overall changes to fuel consumption due to the efficiency of the main engine as well as the vessels resistance.

Vessel Power output KPI- The power coefficient is used to monitor the propulsive power. Increased power absorption, due to the effect of fouling on the hull or propeller for example, is reflected by an increase in the power coefficient value.

Vessel SFOC KPI*- The SFOC coefficient is used to monitor the efficiency of the engine. Increased fuel consumption for the same power generation is shown as an increase in the SFOC Coefficient value.

Voyage Performance KPI’s- in addition to the above Vessel performance KPI’s, SMART NOON offers Voyage performance KPI’s giving users, at a glance updates on whether the present voyage is hitting its speed, fuel consumption, trim and cost targets.

User-customisable dashboards- with a wide variety of graphical analysis and monitoring tools available within the SMART NOON software, we have given users the opportunity to create their own performance management dashboards quickly and easily. With virtually unlimited combinations of charts, tables and graphs covering fleet segments, vessels and times available, even the smallest fleet management teams can benefit from a bespoke view of their vessels and responsibilities.

Reporting- BMT SMART’s fully customisable reporting engine can produce a wide range of reports covering automated fleet analysis, end of voyage, vessel efficiency reports, voyage summary and Charter Party- all of these reports are available to SMART customers

Metocean Data- Our advanced Metocean monitoring solution isolates the parameters that contribute to overall vessel performance.

Subsequent filtering by these Metocean parameters enables ship owners and operators to assess the true performance of the vessel, particularly key when a vessel is on time charter.

AIS data gives the position of the vessel at any time. By using this location data stream, SMART NOON can calculate distances travelled and speed, which (with fuel consumption data) gives us the ability to track vessel performance degradation over time, helping owners and operators plan maintenance interventions or change crew instructions based on accurate analysis.

*subject to engine performance data being available