Gives users the ability to access their key vessel performance data through a clear, reliable and fast mobile webpage

The SMARTMOBILE mobile webpage presents three views to the users, Fleet, Vessel and Maintenance.

SMARTMOBILE gives users with a clear view of where their vessels are, which vessels are under performing and key performance data relating to speed, consumption and the current weather conditions the vessel is operating in.

The Fleet view provides an overview of all vessels using Red, Amber, Green colour coding, set by customers, to identify changes in performance relating to speed and consumption, hull and propeller fouling and trim.


The vessel view provides additional vessel performance data relating to the current fuel consumption, speed, cost and trim performance, as well as the wind, wave and ocean currents the vessel has operated in over the past 24 hours.

The information on the vessel view helps to identify over or under performance, as well as the most likely cause of the change in performance. The Maintenance page presents BMT SMART’s advanced maintenance KPIs providing the current status of the hull, propeller and main engine. 

SMARTMOBILE allows users to access fleet performance management at their fingertips.    The SMART suite of products, consultancy and support services provides users with the optimum solutions to enable them to embrace today’s digital revolution in shipping.