The importance of fleet and vessel performance management

The importance of FVPM

Why is FVPM playing such an important role in business success in today’s competitive marketplace?

Performance monitoring is vital

As operating costs spiral and bunker prices continue to surge, it is more imperative than ever that ship owners and operators reduce the energy consumption and improve the overall performance of their fleet or individual vessels. In order to implement and manage improvements however, customers must first measure performance levels and that’s where smart data comes into play.

The challenge of using smart data

A ship’s energy consumption depends on a number of different parameters. These include prevailing weather and sea conditions, its technical efficiency, its state of maintenance and operational factors such as load and trim conditions.

Once data on each of these elements is collected and measured, customers need to transform it into actionable information - and understand the impact of any action on the complete economic model.

Supporting Smarter DecisionsFrom data to insight

Fleet & Vessel Performance Management (FVPM) solutions provide sophisticated data collection, data display and data analysis services to support optimal decision-making that helps ship owners and operators to better manage the performance of fleets and vessels. This is achieved through a simple four-step approach: Measure, Manage, Analyse, Action.