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We have an unrivalled track record in Fleet and Vessel Performance Monitoring expertise and industry leading tools and solutions that give you the edge.

BMT SMART is the pioneer of fleet and vessel performance management systems. Our unique combination of industry leading tools and expertise is what sets us apart.

  • Continuous measurement & reporting

    Continuous measurement & reporting

    Over 70% of ships around the world rely on traditional noon reporting. Noon reporting is the most basic accepted form of collecting data, but it has its limitations due to the small quantity and inconsistency of data reported. The use of smart data for continuous measurement and reporting to fully and accurately monitor vessel performance is the way forward.

  • BMT SMART “Metocean”

    BMT SMART “Metocean”

    Our advanced ‘Metocean’ monitoring solution isolates the parameters that contribute to overall vessel performance. In calm water conditions, the different efficiency components of the hull, propeller and engine can be isolated and trended. Subsequent filtering by these Metocean parameters enables ship owners and operators to assess the true performance of the vessel.

  • Powerful algorithms

    Powerful algorithms

    Working in seamless combination with our Metocean capabilities, our advanced algorithms enable us to isolate and trend the performance of many different vessel components. This not only helps stakeholders to pinpoint the cause of inefficiencies but also to quantify the effectiveness of any adjustments that are made.

  • BMT SMART Intelligence

    BMT SMART Intelligence

    Our pioneering performance monitoring products are complemented by a complete range of expert, ‘anytime’ support solutions. We work closely with customers across every aspect of FVPM, providing all the necessary insights they need to identify and understand the multiple factors affecting vessel performance. We then help our customers to transform complex information into actionable insights, so they can enhance operational efficiency - and profitability.