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Partnering With Us

Working together, we can provide an unbeatable proposition to help optimise shipping operations the world over.

Teaming up so we can all work smarter.

Whether you’re an OEM looking for independent testing and validation of the performance claims of your products, or an integrator or service partner looking to join forces with an acknowledged FVPM expert to build business for all concerned, there are many benefits of partnering with BMT SMART...


  • OEMs


    BMT SMART can help OEMS by providing smart monitoring and measuring solutions to independently validate the effectiveness of new or existing products. This not only gives you the ability to build your business on successful testing of any increased performance or efficiency claims, but also improves the value of your product by offering ship owners and operators a way to better manage the overall performance of their fleet or individual vessels - which will help you strengthen the range of services you offer to the market and make it easier to sell your products.

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  • Integrators


    We are always looking for new ways to innovate and to extend our reach and impact within the global maritime industry. So working with integrators is always an attractive proposition to us. These partners typically offer a complementary service to BMT SMART - whether they’re a shipbuilder, bridge manufacturer or another technology provider, for example - and realise that being able to offer an advanced FVPM system to new and existing customers will help grow business for them and for BMT SMART. Together, we can widen the range of services we offer to our customers as well as our respective channels to market.

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