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About Us

BMT SMART is dedicated to delivering solutions for better, safer, faster and more efficient fleet performance management.

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    Our story

    See how we work closely with ship owners and operators to provide all the smart data support and expertise they need to identify and implement efficiencies and improve overall business performance.

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    Why BMT SMART?

    Why choose BMT SMART as your trusted partner? Because we have an unrivalled track record in FVPM expertise and a unique combination of industry leading tools and solutions to help you implement smarter, streamlined shipping operations.

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  • Our expertise

    Our Expertise

    Find out more about how we use our expertise in maritime engineering to deliver independent, innovative thinking and technical excellence that’s designed to give customers the edge they’re looking for.

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  • Partnering with us

    Partnering With Us

    Discover how we can work together to combine our expertise and provide an unbeatable proposition to help optimise shipping operations the world over.

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  • Our World Wide Service Network

    Our World Wide Service Network

    Learn more about our links to the industry partners and organisations who provide BMT SMART with a wealth of knowledge on the latest engineering, science and technological developments.

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  • Our Accreditations


    At BMT SMART we strive for continual improvement in quality and service and enjoy affiliations to a number of professional bodies.

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